Timeline of the World

Every world has eras or epochs. Our world is no different.

Birth of the World
The world is created by divine powers both fickle and awesome. The world is so much celestial putty in their hands.

Epoch of Elements
Unknowable beings of unimaginable raw power and barely sentient mind shape the land. Powers of earth and flame, wind and water lay claim to the land. Land is solidified and shaped, water moves and erodes, wind blows and drives weather, and fire burns and is contained.

Epoch of Beasts
Parts of the world, awakened by the elemental forces, begin to walk, explore, and live on their own. It is a time of megafauna: leviathans rule the seas, giant worms the land, rocs the sky, and ifriti the volcanoes and lava floes. For millennia these beasts fight just to survive, only the strongest becoming dominant in this era.

Epoch of Giants
The gods saw the changes the elemental forces had wrought and the destruction the beasts had caused and shaped a few of them into forms more pleasing and fitting to their likeness. These folk were large enough to war with the beasts and so they did. They are given knowledge of how to shape the world themselves and so they practice magic. But this leads the giants to eventually become shaped by the elements or beasts as well. Some become attuned to particular elements, others to bestial savagery, while the cyclopes remain unshaped by the primordial forces.

Epoch of No Magic
The battles between the gargantuan beasts and giant folk lead to a rending of earth, sea, and sky. The land cried out to its creators and the gods listened. The most mortal of wounds were created by magic and so the gods took the magic for themselves. The giants, left to their own devices, began to use the elements to their advantage and began to smith and craft.

Epoch of Magic Returned
Some cataclysm allowed the magic to flow freely from the gods, or perhaps something stole the magic back. Whatever the case, magic flows in the world and it is a power to be reckoned with again. The Cyclopts, descendants of the mighty race of giants claim that it is their Theophilosophy that allows them access to magic. By their belief It was not that the gods took it so much as it had been hidden or forgotten.

Timeline of the World

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