The Three

Every story has begun and ended the same way. That’s what you fail to understand. That’s what escapes your comprehension and leads us to annihilation again and again.
Well, no more.

We’ve seen this farce played out across generations uncountable, and we have had our fill of cooperation, and we are through with idle contemplation and the naval-gazing of doddering fools, of doddering peoples.

Pay the strength forward, is what we say. Learn from the past and bring it as a weapon, for the next time we will be fighting to be the arbiter of existence

What you mock as myth and fable we know as unassailable truth. We will be prepared this time, and the rest of this world can fall into step behind us or be ground under our heels.

from the monogram “One Road” by the Harguth prior Criodulus of Moonport.

They are known only as The Three, the tines of a trident powered by pure evil and pride in the face of all other beings in the world. They are the embodiment of war, of conquest, and of a singular drive toward survival of the fittest. There are some who believe The Three are wayward children of Clethra of Love and Hate, and there are some that see in the pictograms of the recent past the creation of The Three as totems of hate and envious desire. Regardless of their origins, The Three are the embodiment of all that is cruel, foul, vain, and brutal.

It is known that The Three are relatively new to the pantheons of the world, building in power in only the recent several centuries. Debate rages whether they were birthed in the recent desire and conceit of the world, or if they were brought forth from a previous dormancy. Their followers are assured that The Three are immortal, and while perhaps not infallible, they certainly are an engine of singular purpose, personified in subjugation of all to their cause and the culling of the weak from the herd.

They are worshiped together or singularly, but worship demands acquiescence to the mandates of all, as they are intertwined in their responsibilities toward their devotees. Each of The Three is dependent upon the others, and they each carry a full weight of lawful obedience, uncompromising superiority to all others of their ilk, and unforgiving consequence when opposed.

The Three (and their domains)

Vovoran The Whisperer (Doctrine)

Strength, Nobility, Evil, Law, Knowledge

Goffenbane The Obliterator (Conquest)

Void, War, Destruction, Glory, Evil, Death

Prediata The Executioner (Punishment)

Fire, Evil, Darkness, Trickery, Water, Death

The Three

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