The Kingdom of Nacjaseste

His Most Learned and Scrupled Benevolence Orbrahem (O-bruh-hem) Lourde sits on the throne as the nineteenth of the Lourde line, supreme and all-powerful king of Nacjaseste (NOK-yuh-ZES-tsay) and all he surveys.

The kingdom is a small one, hardly two hundred miles long and seventy-five miles wide. But it sits in a strategic point, sandwiched between the marching peaks of the Suncrape Mountains and the cold and furious currents of the Strait of Whitelocke. Nobility through the male line rules with spirit and strength across these fertile lands, and a healthy suspicion of all strangers helps make this a country clean of all but the Agnethe and their influence.

They are duothestic, pursuing the worship of opposing forces to explain both the pure and corrupt, the man and the woman, the yin and the yang of all life.

This is a feudal land, and land where peasantry and nobility adhere to a strict caste system that has little use for the lawlessness and animistic intent of other areas and nations across the continent. They make use of alliances and trading partnerships with elements inside nations such as the South March League and Galthean, without officially partnering with the nations in treaties or even officially recognizing them in diplomacy.

The Kingdom of Nacjaseste benefits from deep mines that bring gemstones and precious metals (especially iron and carborane) to the surface, a pipeline of riches that has insulated the kingdom from unrest for a long, long time. They have the luxury of setting prices, providing loans through their banking system, and providing the highest bid to just about anything they want.

The Kingdom of Nacjaseste

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