The Bastion

Stop busying with that damn lock, Ribbon. We’re well underground and you’ll just make it worse. Not sure why you’re even here. You didn’t have nothing to do with that caper. The Peers know that, and they’ll see true to letting you free once I explain it to them. And they’ll see in mercy to bring a lighter hand down on me, is a truth.

Now, you see here, Kulgillon, you’re for treating them like they have all the sense and good-will as is needed by folk in power. And I’m placed in the cell next to you by Cornelis herself, and she’s got a smile for you as well.

You went and got yourself nicked on purpose then? Admit it, Ribbon.

A plan for everything, my furry friend. I’m sure you deserve a trial, even one that’s been decided already like this one has. For what you did, I’d want a Peer proclaiming some sort of judgement. But you’re needed more to push back with us on those kids in the Shimmering. So I’m here to see you past those bars and back to Autumnshore, where you’ll do us some good.


The agents of The Bastion range across the lands from their numerous bases, using their influence, skill, and prowess to alter the paths of people, leaders and nations in the name of the brighter, the better, and what they see as just and good.

The Bastion was founded two-hundred years ago in response to the growth of evil nations and factions such as Iontia and The Bladebetter Triad in Nacjaeseste, an opposing force against powerful and corrupt groups that have their minds set on dominance and persecution.

The Bastion are long-term thinkers and planners, eager to act yet reluctant to push the small pebbles lest they send an avalanche tumbling out of control. As such, they tend to act on larger issues of greater importance, moving against greater threats and leaving smaller ones to others, even to the point of sacrificing lives if that’s what it takes to bag the big fish. Obviously, this puts them in direct opposition to such organizations as the Knights of the Cloverian and the Oculajar, institutions finding sacrosanct the individual soul and the here and now.

The Bastion recruit everywhere they can, with two or three active members taking turns training and mentoring while the others spy and research the individual in a constant search for plants and traitors. Rogues and rangers are common, and arcanists are especially valuable. A few cyclopts have even joined the ranks, concerned with the future they see as possible in the hands of despots and madmen. Some even hint that the despots and madmen they see are The Bastion…

The Bastion

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