Tantarra Leif Pamar

You charlatans have marked your presence since the moment you crossed our borders. Like a parade, really, spreading your colorful fire and imaginary friends across your path like a beacon in the night. It saves me the trouble of having to unearth your schemes.

Though I dare say, the High Inquisitor is starting to feel left out.


Prediatic Executor of Iontia. The Hand of The Executioner

Tantarra is seen by many as the living embodiment of Prediata (pre-dee-AH-ta) come to walk the earth. She revels in slaughter and prefers action over words, often putting her at odds with both Prelate Gonthretis and Prelate Yauvolest. She comes as close to chaotic as The Three have allowed, but she has deftly justified her penchant for annihilating interlopers before they have a chance to confess as the quickest way to clean the faithful of their sins.

Tantarra has the largest following among the general population, a by-product of her visibility in contrast to other Prelates who mark themselves above the rabble and prone to solitary and mysterious lifestyles. She is also the one in highest favor with their Dread Lord, and who knows how that will affect the balance of power?

Tantarra is a djohame female almost seven feet tall and corded with muscle and scars. She dyes her hair bronze and copper and colors her skin with white pigments and powders in honor of Prediata.

She carries several totems and mementos of her time in the icy steppes of the Jorldom, and wreaks wholesale butchery with Dianoardos, a sentient Spell-stealing falchion of Speed, and Voles, a sentient FIery Nimbus Rod that also acts as a Rod of Ruin.

Dianardos and Voles were twin werebears, tortured to madness, polymorphed into these weapons and used in the destruction of their sloth. Their wrath toward the Prelates will certainly last even beyond death.

Tantarra Leif Pamar

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