Spawn of the Grand Exudation

Great Sire-and-Mother-are-One, we feel the perturbations of your presence. We feel the trembling of your authority and our bones shake with your awesome potency.

As you are our birth and soul and death, we are your senses. As you are the beginning and the end, we are your touch, and your taste, and your sight.

You are the shores of the terrible subterranean ocean of our birth, and we are your children that spread as your seed.

Great Sire-and-Mother-are-One, we are spawn of your ancient manifestation until the darkness of oblivion.


Hidden in underground enclaves, sequestered in remote lairs, and secreted in the sewers and slums of cities, the vile and guarded ranks of the Spawn of the Grand Exudation work to spread the wicked intrusion of the great Ebon Mound, a black pudding of unfathomable size and age.

Members of the Spawn have given over their lives and souls to the machinations of the grim and alien existence that is the Ebon Mound. Their telling of the Mound’s histories and motivations are spewed out in a nightmarish speech of hideous gurgling by the highest devotees, bloated and leaking masters that teeter on the edge of aberrative existence as human bags of slime.

Alignment: Any evil
Skills: Knowledge (oozes) 3 ranks, Knowledge religion 3 ranks
Spells: Able to cast 2nd level spells

Spawn of the Grand Exudation

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