Saunea Totemism

The Saunea peoples are known for their totemism. These totems do not only represent a particular animal but how the particular people relate to the world around them. They inform their character and ethos, offering a paragon of natural behavior.

Bear – the Bear totem represents strength, endurance, and individualism. They will fight savagely when provoked and will defend their children at all costs.

Beaver – the Beaver represents industriousness, a strong sense of both family and community. They share responsibility among themselves and will band together to solve problems.

Buffalo – the Buffalo represents honor, strength, and single-minded sense of purpose. They will defend he innocent (especially the sick, elderly, and innocent). These people never truly tame buffalo, but instead have a respect that is based on awe rather than mutual respect.

Condor – the Condor is a proud bird that soars above the earth. It represents steadfastness, long-term goals and planning.

Eagle – the Eagle represents dignity, freedom, and swift justice. These people typically fish and live near lakes, rivers, and the sea.

Heron – the Heron represents patience but when they act they act swiftly and decisively. These people usually fish in fresh waters.

Horse – the Horse represents fidelity, companionship, and honor. These plains peoples find themselves in partnership with horses and many times treat them like revered family members.

llama – the llama

Puma – the Puma represents stealth, subtlety, and wisdom. These people may wish to see all sides of a conflict before deciding, but before that it may be extremely difficult to predict how they will act.

Rattlesnake – the Rattlesnake represents cool-tempers, level-mindedness, and swift-action. They typically never strike first but will respond with swift retribution.

Salmon – the Salmon represents overcoming adversity, migration, and history. These people approach the seasonal feasts and famines with a fatalism not found in other tribes.

Whale – the Whale represents strength, exploration, and vigilance. These people are seafarers and are known for fishing the open ocean as well as exploring new trade routes and new lands.

Wolf – the wolf represents teamwork, community, and pride. These people are known for their tireless effort and teamwork. But they also are highly stratified with a clear hierarchy.

Saunea Totemism

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