Saunea Confederacy

Rolling plains, freshwater lakes, and birch forests abound in this verdant region. It is controlled by the Saunea, a dark-skinned human people who respect the land and worship various totems.


The Saunea Confederacy is a collection of seven tribes bound by the Sacred Treaty of Saunea, named after the famous heroine who united the tribes two centuries ago. The tribes are matriarchal and the Confederacy is lead by the Council of Grandmothers. The council is advised by the Powwaw, a cadre of totemic shamen, who are male.

Tribes include:

The People of the Lakes

This tribe makes long birchbark longhouses along the large freshwater lakes. They are known for their fishing and scrimshaw. Their warriors spike their hair in elaborate Mohawks and prefer melee combat and wrestling. Their favored totems include: beaver, eagle, heron, and salmon.

The People of the Mountains

This tribe makes its homes in elaborate caves among the mountain ranges. They are known for their stonework and ore mining. Many of their weapons have stone worked into them in some fashion. Stone maces, obsidian blades, etc. Their favored totems include: bear, eagle, llama, and puma.

The People of the Coast

This tribe makes its homes in log longhouses along the coast. They are known for their scrimshaw and seafaring. They have fearsome warriors that ride upon giant flying squirrels in the misty cloud forests of their region. Their favored totems include: bear, eagle, salmon, and whale.

The People of the Plains

This tribe lives in tipis that dominate the great plans of the center of the region. They are known for their horses and archery. They also have a class of warriors that ride upon buffalo mounts and carry spears. Their favored totems include: buffalo, eagle, horse, and wolf.

The People of the Canyon

The Giantscar is home to a people that build stone homes along the riverbed at the bottom of the canyon. They are known for their precious metals and pottery. Their favored totems include: condor, beaver, eagle, and salmon.

The People of the Mesa

The smallest tribe makes its pueblo homes atop the Headless Mountain. They are known for their wind instruments. Their favored totems include: eagle, condor, puma, and rattlesnake.

The Wandering

The oldest tribe that has “right of travel” in any of the other regions, this group uses tipis. They are known for their diplomacy and always having the Great Grandmother of the council of Grandmothers. Their favored totems include: any.


The Saunea are a matriarchal people. Women, as birth-mothers, play the most important role in the Confederacy. This is not to say that men are second class citizens, just that women typically lead the communities and have final say on social matters. Men are known as being great warriors and spiritual leaders so they do serve in an important role as well.

When a man marries he enters his wife’s tribe. He leaves his people and joins hers in an elaborate ceremony that starts with a ritualized death in his birth family’s custom. He then leaves his birth family and sings and dances his way to his wife’s people. The song changes as she begins to sing and he joins his song and dance to hers. Both families then rejoice with a huge feast and potlatch ceremony.

This means that most shamen remain celibate. For to marry means they might lose access to their totem spirits. There have been shamen who marry into another tribe that share totem spirits, but this is rare as the responsibilities of a shaman are both diverse and challenging for a husband and father.


The region has a wide variety of geography. Each tribe, except The Wandering, dominates a particular geographic area.


Two centuries ago the various tribes and peoples were fighting over resources and honor. Wars decimated the tribes nearly every ten years. Until Saunea, a wise woman from The Wandering, called all the tribes together to make peace. She proposed a confederacy of the peoples, each trading with each other and seeking the counsel of one another.

The Confederacy was signed just in time because it was soon after that the Uktoma came forth from the caverns and cliff caves. The Headless Mountain seemed to have been their target as the People of the Mesa were decimated in the ensuing battle. But through the help of the others the Uktoma were pushed back to their underground homes.

It was not until later that the people came to realize it was because of the Uktomi that there was never any longstanding presence of the mustadi in the lands of the Confederacy. They never seemed to have a warren in the region due to the already long-standing Uktomi civilization.

Saunea Confederacy

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