Islands of Gathlean

The archipelago of Gathlean is a beautiful region of verdant beauty and untamed wilderness named by the Gathelik people who populate it. It has gone by many names since the birth of the world, with fey powers still holding control of the uncivilized regions.


The humans have a variety of fiefdoms lead by a High Monarch – who usually ascends to this role via battle or war.

The fey creatures also have a similar monarchy.


The archipelago is actually a collection of four islands of note, from largest to smallest: Airedune, Wylshedune, Scoledune, and Feyedune.

Coastal beaches and cliffs surround areas of rolling green hills, ancient deciduous forests, amber pastures of grain and grass, and there are many bogs that are both places of mystical power and peat for fuel.

Gaelwan is a large coastal port city on the northern side of Gaelwan Bay at the mouth of the River Gaelwan. One of the largest cities on Airedune, it is known for its shipbuilders, fishing, and trade in peat off the island. The current Mayor Donnal McDolnor is known as a fair and even-handed ruler.

The Great Sidhe (Shee) of Feyedune is a large mound under which the Fey Court of Gathlean makes its home. An elaborate earthen structure with levels upon levels of rooms, boulevards, even a palace. It is heavily guarded by magic, fey, and all manner of beasts. The only way to safely enter is to be invited. Although some myths speak about automatic claim to the fey throne if a mortal could sneak in.


The primal elemental forces that manipulated the world almost immediately began changing the people and beasts of this region. It was once a much larger continent but battles between giants, great beasts, and the fey powers have reduced it to

Islands of Gathlean

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