Gonthretis Kon Pamar

I have stood witness to your kind fouling the air, bending heat and light to your selfish whims, even lending perversion to the very soil we stand upon.

I sit here, plagued by the filth of your screams and pleadings, now suppliant only under threat of pain, never as needed for the gods-reserved truth of your sins. A have dreaded each moment in your presence as a spoiling breath on my very being.

Your manipulations of the aptitude given by the gods are an affront. Your distortion of the Power has been accused, judged, and proven guilty before the eyes of those very gods and their earthly delegates. Your continued existence is a travesty.

Grand Brutel, I leave you to your mercies with this…magician. I expect no less than a full vivisection of the criminal’s soul.


Peluonic Inquisitor of Iontia. The Eyes of the Executioner

Gonthretis Kon Pamar, is one of the Prelates of Iontia (ee-OWN-she-ah). He acts as the chief spy-master for the totalitarian government, building, training, and releasing his spies across the country to maintain the status quo, root out insurrection, and report to the other Prelates for their contemplation.

Gonthretis is a devoted follower of Prediata (pre-dee-AH-ta) the Executioner, and follows her tenets and interprets her laws with a calm and incorruptible zeal that is rarely subject to emotional outburst or chaotic departure from doctrine.

The Eyes of the Executioner is a djotane human male, five feet eight inches tall with pale hair and skin as befits his racial heritage. His movements, even when seething with religious fervor, are graceful and dance-like, He prefers accoutrements of bronze and white to announce his devotion to Prediata.

Gonthretis Kon Pamar

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