Eye of Null

“I see.
I see the future and there is nothing in all.
And all is nothing.
Do you see?”

The Eye of Null

His name lost over aeons in mysterious solitude, the highest philosopher of the Empty Eye seems taller and gaunter than most of his kin. The empty socket that dominates his face glistens wetly, tears always trickling through the wizened creases in his aged countenance. He wears little in terms of clothing as he seems to be unbothered by heat or cold, rain or sun. But the black rags and clothes he does wear smell of ash and dust. He is missing his front teeth on both top and bottom, which only serve to mirror and thus amplify the gaping socket above his narrow nose.

This enigmatic hermit arcanist travels the land and is seldom discovered by adventurers. If a chance encounter happens it is in the strangest and most mysterious of places. He typically does not speak but the few who have heard his voice and attempt to recall it have been driven nearly to the brink of madness by his literally abysmal voice, as if the very void of deepest and darkest space between the stars is speaking to them.

Eye of Null

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