Emberin Satro

I’ve spent years of my life keeping all of you around me oblivious to the deep and mortal danger that YOU are in.

To hear the complaints of local banditry, and price gouging, and despotic rulers…that is the sweetest sound of all. The minor and mundane bitching of their minor and mundane lives.

Had you all a true accounting of what leaks through the edges of this world and threatens not only your life but your sanity, I doubt you’d be left with time to protest withered crops and dead fellows.


Emberin Satro, Prime Bastion recruiter for the continent, is an agnethe from the edge-lands of the Saunean Confederacy, a hunter, tracker, and arcanist of considerable proficiency and guile. He was brought into the Bastion a dozen years ago, and quickly ascended through the ranks of recruiters to lead the group currently bringing like-minded adventurers, zealots, and scholars into the eternal battle with the forces of madness and evil.

Emberin is an elemental wizard obsessed with evocation and transmutation and the alteration of matter and forces in the world and the universe. He has consistently sought out powers and skills for battle against the abberative creatures and minds that he is convinced threaten the world, and does what he can to convince others that their efforts in the fight are needed.

Emberin is 5’10” tall, with brown hair and beard. Years of magical adaptations have caused his eyes to glow red. He is often seen wearing formal wear when campaigning for followers, or in leather armor while taking on foes.

The Prime Bastion recruiter is also a devout follower of Cornelis, the daughter of the Past and Future, and has often dedicated his efforts in her name, writing songs and poems to her place in time ago and time to come.

Emberin Satro

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