Carmella Soll

“It’s unfortunate that the entirety of my reputation had not reached you before you sought out my services. I am skilled, skilled beyond description some would claim, in stealth and subterfuge. I would admit to being taught well and no more. I do my best with what I have been given, and that is that.

You must know that I feel for you. I truly do, as any compatriot could carry the pain of another after so many weeks together. But the blood that stains the hem of this battle-skirt is more ally than adversary, a tremendous burden that I drag with me everywhere I go. I pray every day that tomorrow is the day when my convention of embezzling the fortune of others comes to end.

Do I trust that it will happen? No. Not like that. Not with a snap of the finger or the passing of a day. I think my journey to remove this…curse…will be a lifelong one. And in the meantime, I’ll need resources and tools to seek out my answers. And you’ll have no use for the treasures we’ve uncovered here. Even if I could move the column off of you, your injuries are both gruesome and fatal. You’ll never survive the journey back to the surface.

Yes, it’s truly unfortunate how this all came to pass."


“The Lucklender”

Carmella Soll is an agnethe human from Greymaisto on the Tower Coast in Nacjaseste. She was a child of unfortunate circumstance, followed throughout her years by ill-starred fate and ruinous events. Both her parents were felled early by disease and later a charity house she was sponsored by collapsed, killing several of the parishioners and staff. She found herself in the employ of an urchin-thief lord, rising in the ranks as she stole and extorted to keep her belly full. Her superiors and rivals fell through combat and accidents, and the rumors began that she carried terrible providence and stole the blessing of others.

She left Greymaisto with her partner and lover, travelling for years as poor luck claimed his health and finally his life. After his death, she realized that she indeed collected the good luck of others, despite appearing to bring a boon to their fortunes at the onset of the relationship made by their meeting.

Carmella is known through rumor as The Lucklender, a mysterious person who brings wealth and fortune to others only to steal it back ten-fold. She never reveals her propensity for misfortune, convinced that her ‘curse’ is a force of nature that cannot be shamed away but instead must be used to fund her efforts in finding a way to remove it forever.

Carmella Soll

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