Bogomesh Leif Anjar

Send your wings to manage the flank, and get the captains back in front of their damn squares. I’d rather the shock troops drive forward with screams of vengeance than cower back until the whips strike their arses.

Leave their champion to me. This mob will shatter when his head is off his shoulders.

And bring me some wine. Conquering’s thirsty work.


Gehk Prelate of Iontia. The Hand of the Obliterator

Bogomesh Leif Anjar (AHN-yar), is one of the Prelates of Iontia (ee-OWN-she-ah). She is the commander of all war forces and has the first and last word for anything involving conquest and battle with other nations or populations. She is also responsible for internal security of the country, providing troops to maintain internal security and policing.

She is a Temple Elder of Goffenbane the Obliterator, and is known as a violent and profane follower who makes clear that war is her living temple and her worship exists in the enemies she conquers.

She is a gathelik female with dryad blood corrupted by the power of The Three. She is highly skilled with martial prowess and quick to bring her divine powers into combat against non-believers. She keeps covered with armor and cloaks even on the hottest of days.

Bogomesh Leif Anjar

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