Wuth'fin Niscos

Wuth’fin Niscos (WOOTH-finn NEEZ-caus)

An ancient golden dragon corrupted by the ooze centuries ago, Wuth’fin Niscos’ name roughly means “The Abomination” in some archaic, dead tongue (Literally “That old thing which should not be”).

When dormant, this affront to nature resembles the long dead remains of a gargantuan drake, covered in a slick red-gold mold. Yet once an active ooze finds its way back into Wuth‘fin’s folds, the mountainous horror disgusts and destroys its way across the countryside. Enormous, gnashing mouths and branching tentacled appendages form and melt away constantly all about its body. It wilts flora and devours fauna, leaving behind it a colossal snail-trail of bubbling, reeking land that will never again sprout life.

Wuth’fin is no longer capable of flight, though its decrepit, hole-ridden wings are still mobile, the occasional reflexive twitch swirling the air around them.

The beast is relatively slow, not so much walking on what was once its legs, but adopting a slithering locomotion with its rapidly refreshing appendages.

Though now a host to some dread old ooze, it retains a handful of characteristics from its former life as a dragon. It can still breath fire from what used to be its mouth, the scales beneath the ooze’s corruption are still hard as steel, and it still continues to grow in size as it ages.

Its stench crosses leagues, warning anyone near enough to notice that there is something to fear very close by.

Wuth'fin Niscos

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