Order of the Emerald Purification

We know our sins to be manifold. We know or lives to be flawed. Tainted with greed. Riven with avarice. We know we covet all we see, though our hearts may lie.

We await your cleansing rebirth, Scourer of Souls.

We prepare through prayer and vigil, through sermon and homily, through psalm and song, for the day that you return and wipe clean the sins from the earth, to take the iniquity that is our mortal flesh and return it to your gelid embrace.


The Order of the Emerald Purification is an organization of end-of-times cultists awaiting the return of the Scourer of Souls, the Unsoiled Eternal One, a fabled gelatinous cube of gargantuan size poised to slide its way across the cities and towns to erase the sinful races from the surface of the world.

While many folks have found their interest and enrollment among the lists of the Emerald Purification as a social thing to do of late, the true believers who are untainted by the humor in joining a cult for the thrill of it are somber ascetics who spread their word humbly and without fanfare, convinced of the impending end and mankind’s inability to stop it, while bearing the guilt of everyone they fail to convince.

Some believe this cult is actually a front for something far more loathsome and insidious, but that has remained as speculative as the actual end of times.

Order of the Emerald Purification

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