Muik Kush

We’re nearing the gates, brothers and sisters, and we’re loaded for war, each one of us. We’re worth a thousand of theirs. Ten thousand of theirs, even, if I had nobles to wager.

We’ll make for the palace at a sprint.

I’ll take my eight and we’ll be the fuller. Longbeak? Sella? You’ll be the edges.

Let’s slide the sword we are across the throat of this city.


In decades past, the Muik Kush were a formidable and feared mercenary company, at its largest a brigade-sized force that was loyal to the highest bidder for warfare and conquest. Assembled by Towertail of the Cold Coast near Saunea, it was first formed to march with the warlock Gojo Mar in a bid to conquer the lower lands around the Gablemist Mountains during the dread rule of the Archraven before the War of Light. Succeeding in conquering the plains and hills around the Wild Wood, the Muik Kush were harsh to the countryside and vicious to the subjugated. Foul magic imbued the Muik Kush with strength and speed at the cost of their souls, pushing their already war-like minds to a state of damning and pitiless power. They pushed far into Kastea, reaching the canyons of the Giantscar and turning their attention to the populations there.

As the War of Light unfolded and the Muik Kush were forced to draw back and re-invade the lands Gojo Mar once held, they found betrayal at the warlock’s hands. The vacuum of leadership left by Gojo Mar’s defection was filled by his disciple Toyjan-sim. Stealing the life force of a tenth of his Muik Kush devotees, Toyjan-sim propelled himself to undeath and raising a horrid fortress called Deadmind in the depths of the Wild Wood. From there, Toyjan-sim and his mercenaries returned to a calling of murder for hire, spreading woe in the name of Clethra of Love and Hate across hundreds of miles of countryside.

Things came to a head after five years of conquest. The War of Light had ended, the Archraven cast down from his perch, and the countryside was turning their attention to the threat of the Deadmind. Adventurers and fighter-priests began closing in, hunting down any of the Muik Kush outside of the Wild Wood. Fleeing the Deadmind, the undead Toyjan-sim made a bid to make a last stand at the Bristlestone Fort, a former mustadi warren. The final battle saw Toyjan-sim decimate the attackers as they entered the warren, only to be crushed and destroyed by a mustadi force led by Belda Migal. The strength of the Muik Kush was shattered that day, their numbers reduced to a hundred survivors of their original 3,300, left leaderless and without patronage.

Since their defeat that day, the Muik Kush have been left with bitter vengeance as their only release. They have stalked and murdered just about every remaining soldier of the Bristlefort Fifty, as the survivors were known, and know of only the mustadi rogue Belda Migal himself as their final prey.

The fifty mercenaries left have found a home as storm troops of Iontia, yet they are a fading power, with no patron known to desire their return to what former glory they had.

Muik Kush

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