cyclopt.pngCyclopt (Si’-klopd)

These tall and gaunt humanoids are actually descendants from the ancient cyclops of a bygone era – as their single large eye would attest. That and their height are about the only things that seem to make them like their ancient kin. They are gaunt and frail, with a natural affinity to the arcane arts. Because of their weak health they move ponderously and do not typically run at great speed. They usually remain away from the other races and deal only with their own mysterious plans.

Their large single eye actually has two pupils and grants them lowlight vision. It also, it is said, allows them to see into the future, the past, or possibly into other realms of existence.

Lowlight vision 60 ft.

Movement: 20 ft.


Str: +2
Con: -2
Int: +2

Divination Affinity: a cyclopt begins play with one divination ability (choose one effect word from either sense magic or sense alignment.) The cyclopt can use this word 3/day regardless of his class.

Height: 8-10 feet tall
Weight: 200 – 300 lbs.



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