Bandy Bower

Spoiled little monster needs saving, does she? I’m going to go ahead and assume she’s all damsel and fair as a right wind filled with lilac and cherry blossom.

And, of course, you haven’t gone to your shiny knights and constables. You’ve come to Bandy Bower. And she’ll grab your lass from the dark and nasties just as soon as she’s done pinching a diplomatic portfolio from a bastard in Pella Fall. Seems he’s got his britches full of courage to spite the General Dabcannon with a bit of the back-stab and no, ma’am, that just will not do.


Bandy Bower is a gathelik infiltrator for Krajnarod, specializing in search and rescue, theft, and false flags. She is twenty-two, rather tall for her gender and profession (6’ 2”) and has seen two years training in infiltration by the Banded Master

Bandy was born in the Islands of Gathlean, leaving there on a merchant caravel at the age of sixteen to see the world. After stints with merchant vessels sailing under the colors of Nacjaseste as well as with the deep fishing hulls of the Yar Tet governor Mowler Lightning Face, Bandy found herself in the employ of the noted Bastion recruiter Emberin Satro. It was through Satro that she learned to value the skill of helping others, and it was he that apprenticed her to the Banded Master.

Bandy completed her training, and went to work for the Bastion in Krajnarod, working extensively in its war with the Bephalon Union. As the hostilities wound down and less direct intervention was needed, she found her job basket filled with missions of retrieval for ransomed family members, jilted lovers, and missing objects. She is talented enough to know her value, and still enough of an arrogant bitch to enrage her employers.

Bandy Bower

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