The Andra are a race of shape-changers native to Jorldom. Historically feared and mistaken for true lycanthropes, the Andra are products of a supernatural bloodline that allows for shapeshifting to animals.

Most Andra are forest dwellers or nomadic, preferring areas away from cities and large settlements. They have traits to appearance that suggest a more feral nature, with naturally pointed teeth, copious amounts of hair, rougher voices, and stances and movement that appear hunched or coiling.

Andra are nature lovers, at home in the wilds and adept at animal husbandry, hunting, trapping, tracking and fishing. They endure cold better than most and as a contrast are uncomfortable in warmer climates.

Andra are capable from birth of shape-changing to a specific animal, usually (but not always) inherent to their parents’ line. Typical animals for the shift are wolf, bear, fox, deer, elk, and boar. As an Andran ages, they get more adept at the shift, able to retain the form longer, adapt to the senses and locomotion quicker, and are eventually able to communicate with the true animals of their type when in form. There are even some timeworn and hoary Andrans who are able to speak in the human tongue while transformed. Most eventually choose to retain their animal form until death.



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