Welcome to Primordant

Our land both sleeps and wakes.
gods have walked and shaped,
but not so much as war and greed,
pursuit of want and need.

As you walk, be’ware your steps
For the land shall laugh or weep,
rage or sleep,
to both birthed and late,
your feet and your fate.

-Ballad of Dol’Gern Mac Dol’Duin

Abrazus forged our hides
And lightning smote his plains
There! Do you see his smoke?
His mark?
His heart of raging fire brands each one of us

We charged from the hills
From the mountain’s womb
And took the grasses under our feet
Crossed the rivers of ice and ghost-breath
And sat cross-legged under the eyes of the gods

Nation of horns
Land of thunder
Herdshield and Herdspear
Are as father and mother

-Chant of the Cloven Oath

Hubbard the thief could lend song to a verse
And every line after the next would grow worse
So he hired a plump maid to help him rehearse
And found his whole hand in her velvety

Percy showed mercy to each loving lass
And his fortune was shown as they filled every glass
He’d flaunt his regard with each handful of brass
As polished and smooth as a Saunean’s

Ask for the room at the top of the st’en
Warm water is extra; a window’s two pen’
And snoring will cost you a copper again
And that moaning is pro’lly the coupling of

Men sail the oceans, and women stay true
Believe that and I’ve a fair land trade or two
But bound for the main are we, home on the blue
Allies and enemies, captain and crew

-Traditional Ait sailing song