Yuavolest Bage Annimar

Knowledge is water, rushing along in rivers and filling small pools and vast lakes. We must bring the sheep to slake their ignorance from the wells we want, and leave them parched of what they should never drink of.

Whosoever shall drink of my waters shall never waver, shall never doubt, for I am with him.


Skrallist Indoctrinator of Iontia. The Mouth of the Whisperer

As the scholar and arbiter of Iontia’s doctrine and law, Yuavolest Bage Annimar (WAHV-o-lest BAYJ AN-ih-mar) hands down the direct divinings of the Dread Lord and brings them to the masses. Whether through direct decree of the Dread Lord, policy of the Prelates themselves, or through desimination of regional or local law, Yauvolest is the scribe and interpretter.

Yuavolest is, naturally, a fierce proponent of Vovoran the Whisperer, making quite certain the evil god of laws within The Three is understood and honored. He does, however, understand the need for gathering new followers into the fold, and punishing those who dare sin against The Three.

The Mouth Of the Whisperer is a slate stalker bugbear brought to Iontia from a war decades ago. He is a skilled diviner and abjurist in his deity’s name. He is slow to anger, often taking days and weeks to build up a good head of steam. By that time his agents have hopefully done away with the offender, otherwise the Prelate is sure to take matters into his own hands.

Yuavolest Bage Annimar

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