Wraiths have four arms and two legs. The upper pair are half again as long as the lower pair. Each hand has two fingers and a thumb.

They have four eyes and a thin slit of a nose.

They are insubstantial and incorporeal and are typically only seen as a faint glimmer in the deepest of dark, or a shadow in the brightest of light. For thay reason most people have never acknowledged that they have actually seen a wraith. But in the gloaming of dusk one can see them as a shade or ghost, seeing them as they exist in the world.

Those species with lowlight vision can see them a little clearer during dusk and those with darkvision see them as negatives in deepest dark (white).

As they are incorporeal they cannot create sound for any other creature to hear. Instead they can place a hand or other digit into the mind of a creature and both read its mind and share ideas at the same time. For those who have claimed to have such an experience it is extremely off-putting as it is deeply invasive as all memories and emotions are laid bare. (Will save DC 20 to hold at bay, +1 each round contact remains)

Thousands of years ago these wraith had their own name in their own tongue, but it has long passed into oblivion. They had been faced with extinction by the overwhelming ooze and their wisest sages and most powerful arcanists and priests worked together to create a ritual that brought them out of harm’s way – but at a huge cost. As the ooze could destroy all organic material these desperate folk became incorporeal. Without bodies they could no longer be harmed: disease could no longer ravage their bodies, nor could blade, bow, or age. But they also lost the ability to sense the world as they used to, they could no longer touch, taste, or smell. They could only see and hear. They could only think and emote. And they could no longer procreate.

Because of this some wraiths see their lives as a curse: they have spent these past thousands of years trying to find a way to end their existence. Others have tried to become corporeal again. Even others have tried to possess the corporeal – even for a brief attempt at experiencing the world they once knew. It seems that the rarest of these enigmatic ancient beings are those who have accepted their fate and work towards helping the corporeal races against the threat of the rising tide of ooze.

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