“We are your outcast, your enemies, your hatred,
We are your brothers, your mothers, your neighbors,
We are your shame!”

To call The Unwelcome an organization is to misuse the term, but it is all we have that works. They are the outcast members of every race and nation. These people have either fled or been rejected by society for any number of reasons. But, for some strange reason, they have found the one thing that they did not find in society: acceptance. There is social cohesion in the strange tribal communities that live under some of the world’s cities and in ancient tombs long abandoned by civilization.

They are kept together by mutual necessity, fear, and madness. But, due to equal parts ignorance and denial, the general public knows actual little about them. Whispered tales of screams in the night, kidnappings, theft, cannibalism, and worse. Parents tell their children to work hard so they do not end up as Unwelcome; veterans tell recruits to remain vigilant at night or become a victim of the Unwelcome. But there is always a kernel of truth to such tales, a basis for the fear.

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