The Coalstain Mountains to the northeast and the great gouges in the ground that form the rifts of the Earthshread to the east cradle the lands of Thule along the coast of the Pale Sea. Massive timber forests march into the neighboring nations to the south, a two-hundred mile-long timberland the locals call the Greenfingers.

The combined tribes of the Muizzin Minotaurs make up the collected herd of Thule, nearly twenty-thousand minotaurs united under the first grand Herdshield in over three centuries. Aurawzur, Greyhorn of The Amber Steppes, leads the untied tribes with a doctrine of peace and defense while fending off constant challenges to his rule by unruly and violent upstarts.

The minotaurs of Thule oscillate between their ancestral nomadic existence and their more recent sedentary lifestyle. What amount to permanent hunting villages have been established on the Amber Steppes and in the foothills of the Coalstain range. They worship animal avatars of the gods, druidic followers of the creatures around them and the powers they represent.

They are suspicious of arcanists.


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