The South March League

The South March League is an alliance of three city-states. They anchor a large area on the northeast coast, and dozens of towns and villages are within their sphere of influence.

Monumaore (MON-you-mor) lies along the northern coast, a walled city that welcomes trade and custom from far-flung neighbors. Alternately called the Southern Jaw and the City of Rumors, Monumaore is a crowded and busy hub of commercial interest, strategic military movement and staging, and political and religious influence. Hegemony is impossible here, with the influences of dozens of nations and from three other continents colliding along the city’s streets. A stout coastal and deep sea navy is present, as well as prominent and skilled riverboat concerns.

Two Hundred miles down the Blackbriar River, Yuntown (Yun-tun) stands sentinel against the wilderness to the west and stands at crossroads that reach further inland. Trade from beyond the Monumaore shores rolls down well-maintained roads, through Yuntown, and off to the cities and nations beyond. Returning merchants carry gems and exotic animals and food for shipment overseas, or ply barges laden with timber and ore from timber and mining camps in the nearby hills and mountains.

Baegelor (bay-KEL-er), third and smallest of the cities of the South March League, spans a vast network of docks and pylons spread across the fertile marshes of the Crown River delta. Fisheries and farms surround the city, and trade fills the bamboo shops and markets as humanoids and humans meet to trade news, goods and blood. Baegelor is the largest established trading partner of the Ssssillintith (“Great Egg”), a burgeoning nation of lizard folk who seek allies against old and great enemies.

The South March League

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