Capital: Gulja
Population: 2,305,450 (99% hobgoblin, 1% other)
Government: Theocratic Dictatoship, run by Highest Holiness Gojorn
Religions: Theocracy of Guljak
Imports: Grain, fruits, vegetables, timber, textiles, animals, livestock
Exports: ore, warriors, weapons.
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Life and Society

This hobgoblin nation sees itself as the height of global civilization. This image is primarily founded on the propaganda put forth by the Theocracy of Guljak. The most Beneficent Leader of all Hobgoblins Guljak was the founder of the nation and, even though dead for nearly 200 years, is still legally and culturally the supreme leader of this nation. the kingdom was founded as a meritocracy: only the strongest survived because they both fed and bred. But Guljak, a runt by most hobgoblin standards, sought a new way. His populist ideas spread throughout the southern parts of the island and he rose to both fame and power.

His word became divine law, and after he died his children’s words became divine laws as well. But while Guljak at least had to fight and earn his place of power, his children did not. They began making decisions that they had no experience or education in making. This turned the kingdom to ruin.

The hobgoblins needed to expand and when they turned their sights upon the Gathelin Isles they were met with harsh resistance. They were quickly defeated and as soon as the humans and fey retaliated the hobgoblins hastily destroyed their coastal forests and soon the entire kingdom was a wasteland due to the scorched earth policy of its leaders. The people cried out and the leaders responded by telling them that their enemies to the east had cursed their land. The leaders also told them that Guljak’s armies and priests had laid waste to the islands of their enemies and they, the hobgoblins of Guljak were victorious and the people that would usher in a global renaissance in the image and teachings of Guljak.

But to survive the hobgoblins were forced to trade. They did not get along well with other kingdoms and hobgoblins who traded began asking too many questions. So trade happens on ships and barges, not on the mainland. This allows the leadership to act as the gift-givers of material goods to the people.

Their most famous export is warriors. They lease warriors to other kingdoms and mercenary companies. The hobgoblins’ loyalties are ensured by threatening their families if they do not return, speak ill of the kingdom, or question the leadership in any way. To ensure this each company of hobgoblins also travels with a priest of the theocracy.

The other activity the hobgoblins are known for is mining. They had no other recourse but to dig. Their surface is a wasteland, the very air chokes and irritates. So they began digging a little more than a century ago.

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