Gathelik Pantheon

The Gathelik people worship three trinitarian deities. They each are responsible for various aspects of their culture and the world. Because of this, many of their symbols include trinitarian aspects such as triangle knotwork. A public Gathelik shrine typically includes altars to all three deities which would each include each of the three aspects. An idol might only depict one particular aspect of one particular deity.

The Woman of Women

The Daughter: beauty, art, dance, and young girls looking to get married. Domains: Charm, Good, Luck, Travel

The Mother: birth, hearth, family, mothers, wives, and sustenance. Domains: Community, Good, Healing,

The Crone: age, wisdom, preparing for death. Domains: Death, Knowledge,

The Man of Men

The Son: strength, agility, war, and hunting. Domains: Glory, Liberation, Strength, War.

The Father: crafting, nobility, fathers and husbands, law and order, planting and harvesting. Domains: Artifice, Law, Nobility, Plant, Protection.

The Grandfather: ghosts, spirits, ancestors, runes, history and wisdom. Domains: Knowledge, Runes, Repose.

The Living of All Life

The Tree: treants, dryads, plants and flowers, etc. Domains: Earth, Plant.

The Beast: natural animals, predators and prey, herd animals, etc. Domains: Animal

The Sky: Wind and weather, sun, moon, and stars. Domains: Air, Darkness, Fire, Sun, Weather.

Gathelik Pantheon

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