Eye of Now

“The past is no longer and the future is yet to be.
All things exist in the present.
To be aware of the present is the only way to know what is Truth.”

The Eye of Now

It is hard to figure out why this highest sage of The Open Eye’s visage is so unnerving at first glance. But the longer one remains in her presence it quickly becomes apparent: she never blinks. On closer examination one can determine that she cannot blink for she has removed her eyelid. She wears hardly any clothes at all and what she does wear is diaphanous and translucent.

Without the ability to blink she needs to keep her eye moist and does so with a variety of mists that contain any number of mysterious reagents. Some most likely have psychotropic and magical effects as witnesses have claimed that after particular applications her pupils either dilate to consume her iris or contract to allow her iris to dominate her central unblinking eye.

Her gaze has been described as withering as she can access one’s darkest secrets and investigate the totality of an individual as all truths are laid bare under her curious eye. Many claim to have been cured of their deepest emotional and intellectual pains and unlocked their own secrets after a mere conversation with this powerful sage. She merely comments on what she perceives without opinion or judgment.

While her powers are mysterious and beyond most mortal comprehension, she is the most accessible of all the great sages of Cyclopt Theophilosophy. An entire cult of non-cyclopts has arisen around her because they believe they have been healed and made new in her sight.

Eye of Now

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