Eye of Hypnos

“It is in dreams that we both speak to and hear from ourselves.
You ask if I sleep, but I tell you that it is you who are sleeping.
Wake up before you are lost.”

The Eye of Hypnos

This short and portly (for a cyclopt) teacher walks with his eye half-lidded and always a smile playing at the corner of his lips. He is the current highest sage of the Closed Eye. He wears comfortable silks of lavender and blue, and is in a state of alternate consciousness that laity would refer to as “eternal sleepwalking”. He always makes some sort of claim of being the only being awake or conscious in the land and that everyone and everything else is merely asleep.

While some have encountered this sage in any number of strange places, most of them cannot recall the encounter until after dreaming about it later. It is also after remembering the dream that they always seem to have piece of cryptic advice or mysterious riddle that typically niggles in their subconscious until they either solve it or it comes to pass.

Eye of Hypnos

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