Belda Migal

They’ve chased me for years, and taken what I have had, all for a past crime I can never be free from.

They can think they’ve cornered me, but the Jorldom is my home now, and a creature cornered to protect his home is a dangerous fucking thing.


Belda Migal is a mustadi rogue originally hailing from the sands of the north. His training is in scouting and skirmishing, and he has seen employ in several different mercenary companies and standing armies.

Belda was present at the siege of Bristlestone Fort, and has been hunted by the soldiers and assassins of the Muik Kush since that fateful day when the walls fell and the attacking soldiers were annihilated by Toyjan-sim, the infamous undead Evoker of Deadmind. The Muik Kush have destroyed every last member of the brigades that besieged the city that day, and make no bones about plastering entire cities with the likeness of Belda and proposing reward for his capture in an effort to root him out. He is rumored to now reside in the Jorldom, and has made considerable allies with the andra there.

Belda Migal

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